3 Great Careers That Allow You to Work Outside

3 Great Careers That Allow You to Work Outside

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When you’ve got the beautiful Albertan summer outside your window, it can feel miserable and stifling to be stuck inside of an office. There are actually a great number of careers that allow you to work in the great outdoors, so you don’t actually have to be stuck inside all day long! If you’re looking for such a career, whether you’re fresh out of school or looking to escape your current job and get out into the Albertan summer sunshine, here are some great options to consider!

Job #1: Landscape Architect

If you’ve got an eye for beauty, and you like being out in nature, you may want to consider becoming a landscape architect. In this line of work, you can play a pivotal role in designing gorgeous outdoor spots in the private and/or public sector.

Not only are such jobs fun and rewarding, but they also tend to pay quite well. They can be somewhat competitive, however, so having a college education in a relevant area and some level of experience can really help your chances of landing one of these positions. Since wealthier folks tend to spend a lot of money and energy making sure they have the fanciest, most beautifully designed backyards, the job can be lucrative, challenging and fulfilling in an artistic sense.

You can choose to work for a firm, the city or the state, or you could even to start your own business if you wanted to get ambitious. The possibilities are endless in this awesome career field.

Job #2: Arborist

For those who love to work outside and who don’t mind getting their hands dirty, becoming an arborist is a great option. These are professionals who are hired to trim and operate on trees and shrubs in order to protect homes, power lines, and much more.

It is very important to have professionals who understand how trees and plants work in a biological sense; how to nurture them when they are sick and how to remove them safely when they are a problem. Because it can be sensitive and sometimes dangerous work, these professionals need to be certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, an organization that requires extensive testing and knowledge to perform such important work. Chipps Tree Care arborists out of Edmonton, for instance, makes sure that all of their workers are certified before sending them out to prune, fertilize or remove trees throughout the cities’ many, many neighbourhoods. Arborists provide an invaluable service and make a real difference to those they serve, so you can count on feeling fulfilled in this career path.

Job #3: Forest Ranger

If you don’t mind being in a position of authority, one other outdoor job you may want to think about is forest ranger. These are professionals who are charged with protecting forests, national or state parks, and other natural and important outdoor areas. They are essentially law-enforcement officers for the specific areas that have been put into their care.

Forest rangers play an important role in preserving and protecting natural beauty, making this a very important and worthwhile career field.

As you can see, you don’t have to be stuck with a boring office job. Try one of these great outdoor careers, and change your job and your life for the better!


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