7 Pointers For Finding A Reliable Rat Control Service!

7 Pointers For Finding A Reliable Rat Control Service!

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Dealing with rats and mice at home is not easy, and if you think having a few traps or a cat can solve the problems, you are mistaken. More often than not, rats are attracted to pet food kept in the open, bird feeders, and leftovers. Homeowners often don’t notice the problem, until the rats multiply and start coming out in the open. You may find them more frequently around the kitchen, store rooms, basement, and attic, where it is easy to hide behind things. Finding a pest control service is easy, before you assign the job, below are the things to consider.

  • Start by asking around. Talk to your neighbors, colleagues and friends about the services they have tried. References are handy when you want to use tried and tested services, or else, just look up online. Most pest control companies have their websites these days, and you can find the relevant information, details and contacts online.
  • If you have pets at home, you may want to hire a pet safe rodent control Pets are extremely inquisitive, and therefore, using poison and products that are unsafe for them isn’t the best idea. Check if the company can work on the problem, keeping your concerns regarding your beloved pets in mind.

  • Ask for an estimate. Pest control services can be expensive at times, and therefore, it is best to get an estimate in advance. Usually, the concerned company will send their team to check the situation, and based on the actual problem, they will give a quote in writing or may email the relevant details.
  • Response time matters. When it comes to rats and mice, it is best to take action as soon as possible. Don’t wait for a company if they don’t respond or send their experts within 48 hours. The response time also tells a lot about the professionalism of the company in general and what you can expect of them.
  • What’s their approach? You don’t want to just get rid of the rats right away but would also want a permanent solution. Check if they can seal the entry points and offer a solution that’s more permanent. In short, the price should validate the price you pay for their services.
  • Understand the need for green services. Pesticides can cause massive damage to the environment, and therefore, many companies are now using green products for their work. Check if the company is using eco-friendly products, even if that means paying more for the job.

  • Finally, do check if the company is reliable enough. They must be licensed, insured and bonded. To know a service better, you can always ask relevant questions and a few references, so that you can understand the experience of other clients.

For rats and mice, you should hire a service that can exterminate naturally and doesn’t cause additional problems and concerns for humans, pets and the planet. Check online now to find a few services and call up to know more.

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