Are Vintage Appliances Sturdier Than New Ones?

Are Vintage Appliances Sturdier Than New Ones?

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Vintage appliances have always held a solid reputation for being built with quality materials and to be long-lasting. The original craftsmanship that went into these appliances, however, will slowly deteriorate over the decades no matter how meticulous the manufacturer was. Newer models that operate with frilly technology and upgraded features are often cheaply made for a couple of reasons: one, there is a shared benefit for both the manufacturer and the consumer whereby the initial cost of new models is lower, since they are intended to be replaced shortly. Planned obsolescence is the term for this phenomenon, and while it can definitely save you some money in the short run, it is very bad for the environment (since it contributes heavily to non-recyclable landfill waste) and will only burn you in the long run, since you will have to continually replace your appliances.

Examples of classical appliances include refrigerators, ovens, stoves, clocks, toasters, toaster-ovens, mixers, blenders, coffee pots, washing machines and the list goes on and on. Owners of authentic models always say it is money well spent, despite the initial up front cost. In addition to unequaled craftsmanship, the benefits of a vintage appliance include excellent energy efficiency, beautiful design and multiple energy connectivity and end-use options. These robust appliances stand the test of time and are an excellent return on investment for the owner. Furthermore, antiques normally increase in value and rarity over the years, making them all the more attractive from an investment standpoint.

Same-day installation and the rare instance of maintenance are also satisfyingly easy because licensed, experienced technicians are always available 24/7 and can quickly integrate an aged appliance into a home or, when necessary, successfully troubleshoot reasons why the appliance may have stopped working momentarily. Issues like a faulty switch or temperature control, general malfunction or lighting trouble are typical problems that can plague appliances. Since vintage appliances are made with excellent quality materials to begin with, they are indeed built to last.

Enlisting an experienced appliance repair services professional to give antique appliances the once over is always recommended when restoring or repairing a vintage or antique appliance. Sometimes dangers might surface from a potential cooling method or paint toxicity with old refrigerators or there may be a fire hazard to eliminate by checking toaster coils and electrical plugs. Finally, ventilation issues or potential crushing injuries from washing appliances should be mitigated: if you’re unsure from a safety perspective, always call a pro to come in and do the work. Don’t put yourself in harm’s way just to fix the fridge, highly trained professionals are always on hand to aid in these matters.

While new cheaply made appliances tend to have more bells and whistles, these features are usually just for looks and glamour and don’t really improve the operation of the equipment. Consumers tend to be shocked at how quickly they end up replacing their appliances, but if you look at the initial cost that you paid, it is often really not that surprising. Manufacturers generally use cheaper parts because such bells and whistles get outdated quickly anyway and because production for these appliances is usually outsourced to countries like China. Investing in a quality appliance or calling upon an experienced professional to bring an heirloom back to life is absolutely the way to go.

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