Cabinets – Planning for a Makeover?

Cabinets – Planning for a Makeover?

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Thinking about remodeling your kitchen area cabinets or layout soon? Based on certain requirements and just what you choose to do, re-designing your kitchen area may be one of the greatest do it yourself projects most owner-occupiers is going to do. I am not only talking about kitchen DIY, in which you will make a couple of additions or replacements to personalize the look having a couple of decorative kitchen tiles, or add convenience products like a kitchen towel dispenser or kitchen cabinet organizers. (Although simply mind boggling how easy it may be to provide your kitchen area cabinets and doorways a brand new look with new pulls and knobs!).

Let us consider what you need to use in your kitchen area plans…

To really make it simpler to keep in mind, I’ll group topics under 3 primary headings – facilities, space, and style. We’ll summary having a couple of comments concerning the practicalities of “which makes it happen”. Considering all these can help make certain you create a complete specs, and for that reason an extensive remodel kitchen cost. Let’s begin…


What must you include inside the kitchen? That’ll rely on what you would like out of your kitchen.

For instance, is that you simply kitchen for use just for preparing food and serving?

Then your minimum for many family kitchens could be:





table or countertops

storage for food and cooking ingredients

storage to cook utensils for example containers, pans, casseroles, etc

storage for kitchen utensils

garbage container(s)

Other common products to keep in mind:



micro wave


coffee or tea maker

drinks dispenser


How about family dining? Will that always occur in the kitchen area?

dining room table and chairs

storage for dining crockery & utensils

Does your house possess a separate laundry or utility room? Otherwise, you will need to plan space for products for example


clothes dryer, or any other way of clothes drying


Once you have listed all of the essential appliances and convenience products you need to have inside your kitchen, the next thing is to check on that there’s enough space on the floor readily available for all of them. Keep in mind – unless of course you are wanting to do major re-building work, you will need to pay a couple of “givens”, for example:

sink position is restricted by location water supply and drains plumbing, and most likely home windows

same goes with dishwasher or clothes washer

oven & hob positions are restricted by gas and/or electricity supply connections and controls

You will see a repeated theme within the list above – “storage” – for every type of products from food to cleaning materials. This is exactly why kitchen storage cabinets play such most within the space allocation and charges. Actually, the biggest element of cost in many kitchen re-design projects is the price of cabinets and countertops, particularly if you’ve selected granite countertops.

Without already getting good experience of kitchen cabinet design, you would be strongly advised to pick a nearby kitchen contractor, or at best go to a trustworthy kitchen showroom to obtain tips on the best way to make use of the accessible space, and develop practical suggestions for possible kitchen layouts.

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