Everything You Must Know About Concrete Raising!

Everything You Must Know About Concrete Raising!

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Concrete raising, also known as concrete leveling, is a technique that’s used to life sunken concrete slabs. Sunken concrete slabs can be a leading cause of tripping accidents, besides damage the overall look and aesthetics of your property. If you need assistance with concrete repair, you must find the right contractor for the job. Before we talk about getting an estimate, here’s a quick take on the options for concrete raising.

Basics of mudjacking

Mudjacking was traditionally used for concrete leveling, and the technique is still in use. The process is quite easy – A few holes are drilled on the surface of the concrete slab, though which a slurry made of sand, water, and Portland cement is poured in. The slurry covers the space between the slab and ground underneath, causing the concrete slab to rise. Mudjacking is considered to be an effective way of raising concrete, with a few downsides. First and foremost, a considerable amount of slurry is required for the job, and hence, the process takes more time. Also, the holes drilled are bigger, and one must wait for a while before the area can be used again. Nevertheless, mudjacking is inexpensive and is certainly a better choice than having sunken concrete slabs.

Basics of polyurethane concrete raising

A contemporary choice of concrete repair is polyurethane concrete raising. The process is similar to that of mudjacking, except that a polyurethane material is used for the job. Since polyurethane foam is light, very little amount of it is required for most jobs. Also, the polyurethane material expands underneath, so the holes drilled on the concrete slab are smaller. The whole process of injecting polyurethane foam is simple and doesn’t need a lot of time. On the flip side, polyurethane concrete raising is expensive. You may have to pay four to five times more of what you would pay for mudjacking.

Getting the job done

There are many contractors who specialize in concrete raising Houston. Call up the best rated service in business and ask them for a free inspection. Make sure that the company experts check the concrete slabs before offering an estimate. In many cases, contractors have a fixed price for all concrete repair jobs, which isn’t the ideal way of charging for such work.

Also, check if the contractor has its own team and is licensed and insured. You may want to check reviews and feedback from other customers, which can be found online.

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