Home Rehabilitation Tip – Remove Bulkheads for additional Storage Space

Home Rehabilitation Tip – Remove Bulkheads for additional Storage Space

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One of the numerous things we loved about the kitchen at home designer Jim is the fact that he created numerous of ideas. You realize the old saying ‘Been there, done that”, well it is also try home based enhancements / renovations. Jim has been around kitchen design for several years.

As he toured our recently purchased home included in the design process for measurement taking, etc., he observed that directly above each one of the cabinets were bulkheads. What exactly are bulkheads? They’re simply additional drywall installed the same shape as a rectangle between your top or mind from the cabinet and also the ceiling.

Their intention? Well, in some instances they contain pipes or wires and should hide them for visual appearance. Within our situation, these were only to either have lower cabinets or appearance which looked nice twenty years ago however don’t.

So, Jim recommended because we were going to start the destruction mode, why don’t you simply take them off, and re-drywall the part of the ceiling and wall that they are covering.

Excellent suggesting. It truly opened up in the kitchen making it-not look so enclosed. And, actually this only added more cabinet space on among the three sides from the kitchen. Alternatively two sides we made the decision to not have top of the cabinets to completely towards the ceiling and again it appears excellent. Later on we are able to put accent lighting on the top of those upper cabinets to.

So, if you’re carrying out a full, or perhaps a partial, kitchen renovation must knows, and for those who have bulkheads between the top of the your upper cabinets and also the ceiling, consider removing them. It reveals your kitchen, provide you with more upper cabinet space and permit for accent lighting.

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