Planning A Home Extension? Steps You Need To Follow!

Planning A Home Extension? Steps You Need To Follow!

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If you have the space, you can always choose to extend your current house. Home extensions are practical and useful, as long as you plan things right. In this post, we will talk about the steps that are involved in the process.

  • Find a good builder. Working with known services like The Building Constructor has a few benefits. First and foremost, they can arrange and check for the required permissions, which is easily the most important step in getting a house extension. You may want to enquire locally about different aspects, such as architecture requirements and design guides.

  • Check for the basics. Please note that extensions require a Building Regulations Approval in the UK, and the norms can vary in other countries. Do not choose a service or a builder because they are offering the cheapest bid. Instead, check if they are licensed, insured and ask for a few details, including references and extension projects they have done recently.
  • Set a budget. Do not ignore the need for setting a budget. More often than not, people spend a lot more than what they had initially planned. As required, talk to the constructor and check the design plans in detail to create a budget. This further helps in understanding if you can manage on your own or may need a loan.
  • Consider your objectives. Unless you are sure why you want the home extension in the first place, nothing really makes sense. Make sure that you have clear objectives before approaching a builder or an architect. The idea is to work around those goals, which also comes handy in considering the budget.
  • Don’t jump at everything. Home extensions can be expensive because associated expenses change all the time. If you are not sure of how much you can afford, just keep 20% of the decided budget aside for unforeseen expenses. Choose a few things at a time, and it may also make sense to do a small renovation first before moving to other big extension plans.

Other things to note

It is always more than important to work with a known and reliable builder for your project. The best ones, like, don’t shy away from discussing their projects and clients in detail. Start with telephonic interviews and make sure that you have met the builder at least twice before giving a nod to the project. In case of home extensions, you need a contract, which should be inclusive of everything that’s meant to be charged.

Home extensions should also add value to your property in the long run. If you intend to sell the house anytime soon, do not spend overtly because there will be some depreciation on the investment anyway. Also, check if the extension will help your objectives as expected, and for the interiors, you may want to talk to an interior designer in advance, so that other aspects of the building plan can be sorted accordingly. Check online to find details on home extension requirements in your area now!

Author Bio – Jacob tobias is a very well respected building contractor based in London who loves to write about anything construction, he earned his name by supplying the best information possible within his area.

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