Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organised

Simple Tips and Tricks to Keep Your Bathroom Clean and Organised

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After a long day, it’s great to come home and head for a relaxing shower or a long soak in the bath. Bathrooms can bring extreme comfort to anyone, especially if clean and well maintained. But not everyone is lucky enough to have a tidy bathroom. It’s terribly stressful to deal with a messy space, so here are a few simple tips on how you can easily organise your most favourite part of the house.

  1. Add Hanging Cabinets for your Toiletries

Hanging cabinets are perfect for any type of bathroom. They can help you optimise the space, especially in super tight areas. You can use them to store fresh towels or tissue rolls. In addition, if you want to be creative, you can put pieces of art on some of the cabinet doors. Feel free to add hanging cabinets anywhere you like. If possible, try to put one over your toilet bowl for additional storage.

  1. Go for Leak-free Showers

It can be quite a nightmare dealing with wet bathroom floors, so it is highly recommended to use shower pods. Slippery floors can cause serious accidents. Wet floors also look very messy. Hence, you should consider using pods to seal off the shower area. Shower cubicles come in various shapes, sizes and style. You should choose the design based on the overall theme you want to use for the entire space.

  1. Use Dividers for Your Cabinet Drawers

There are so many things you can put inside drawers. To keep things organised, use dividers for your makeup items, skin care products, and other personal necessities. You should also remove expired items to keep your drawers clutter-free.

  1. Maximise the Available Space Under the Sink

If you have a lot of items like a hairdryer, electric shaver or curlers, you can store them in a plastic tub under the sink. You can also place your favourite shampoo, conditioner or other personal products in your selected container. Make sure that you only put the items that you always use. Otherwise, you should store them in other areas.

  1. Keep the Design Coordinated

Most of the time, the overall design of a room plays a huge role in keeping everything spick and span. Hence, you should carefully consider everything you put inside your bathroom. You need to pick the right type of shower pods and install the proper size of hanging shelves or cabinets, and avoid adding unnecessary objects. Only put the things you need. As much as possible, you must always keep the room clean and tidy.

These are ways you can keep your bathroom organised and have an enjoyable time every time after a stressful day.


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