Wood Kitchen Countertops Are Recognized For Both Their Warmth, Beauty, and Timeless Elegance

Couple of situations are regarded as beautiful as wood kitchen countertops. Wood includes a natural timeless beauty that you could only receive from actual wood. The appearance is one thing that exist almost exactly the same look with a few of the many other materials but there’s just different things about hardwood that sets it apart for that look-a-likes.

Walnut, oak, and cherry are the most typical kinds of wood are generally used when speaking about kitchen countertops. Teak and birch will also be used but they are a bit softer compared to other three so that they tend to be more for decorative purposes then functional use. All various kinds of wood expand and contract differently so that they all require a different sort of seasoning and drying to make certain you don’t have issues lower the street with splitting and cracking.

The different sorts of forest have different grain pattern that provides each one of these its very own unique characteristics and appear. Some wood will also be easier to stain and lacquer then others and can produce spun sentences based on what stain you put onto which wood. You may also paint wood countertops if you wish to obtain a fantastic feel and look or you are attempting to blend your kitchen along with another living room.

Wood countertops require more maintenance then many other materials because they need to be resealed frequently to prevent warping and cracking and you’ve got to look at just a little nearer to make certain the bacteria doesn’t develop with time. Just one block of wood or many smaller sized pieces may be used in developing your countertops, the separate blocks of wood permit a far more decorative effect.


-Moisture and stain resistant (only if correctly sealed however)

-Looks and sweetness


-Needs to be seasoned and dried to make sure durability


-Burns up easily

Wood counter top tops start around $50 a sq . ft . and increase after that based on type, finish, and lots of additional factors. If you are planning for any natural search for your brand-new kitchen remodel then wood kitchen countertops really are a perfect option for your family.